Braces Care

10 Easy Steps to Care for Your Braces

Having braces should not cause any major changes in your day to day activities. Carefully follow All Instructions you’re given regarding the care of your braces.

  1. Brush thoroughly after any meal or snack. Click Your Diet for more information.
  2. Rinse with water or mouthwash (preferably peroxide) after brushing.
  3. Use a soft rounded-bristle toothbrush that is in good condition.
  4. Keep spare toothbrushes on hand while wearing braces, as they wear out faster and need to be replaced more often
  5. When brushing, please brush your tongue and rinse thoroughly.
  6. Flossing is a very important part of good oral hygiene.
  7. A FLOSS THREADER is very helpful in getting the floss under the archwire.
  8. It’s important to clean along and under the gum lines with floss each night before going to bed.
  9. Dental wax is very helpful with any areas that are irritating your mouth or gums, especially at night when your mouth may get drier than during the day time when you can regularly hydrate.
  10. For certain sports it’s a good idea to wear a mouth guard. We can make recommendations for you.